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Name: Anita
 Age: 23 years old
hello friends, I am Anita from Hyderabad and i am looking for a handsome boy for chatting and online friendship. I am good at sports like swimming and dancing and I like to sing songs also. I am 23 years old and I am looking for a boy of similar age. you can comment your WhatsApp number in below comment box and we can start dating online first. if I like you then we can meet in any place for dinner or just coffee. so what are you waiting for? make new friends on whatsapp from Hyderabad.
Name: Krina
Age: 24 years old
Hello, boys and girls Krina here. I am here to make new friends online so if you are from India or from the same city as mine then we can start chatting online. I have a good internet connection on my mobile and pc at home so we can also do video calls and you can show me your face. we can meet on Sundays so make time for me. I like boys who are good looking and have good abs. I love beard boys with cool bikes but the nice person also chats with me. I like true boys and want a long-term relationship. if you are from another country like Pakistan or the USA, I am ok with that and we can be friends online for chitchat. I like to talk about many things so if you are ready then message me on my WhatsApp number. you can also give your name and real working WhatsApp number in below comment box and we can connect on Facebook or WhatsApp. 

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