Content policy and user privacy & data collection policy

Content policy and user privacy & data collection policy

Hello visitors, here are some of the content and data privacy policy stated for all the people using or visiting our blog/website.

Content posted on our website is uniqly written by our writers and the information we post here are collected from open source internet. we do not own any copyrights or user rights of content added on this website in the sense of numbers. we do not enter real girls numbers. it is just demo digits for prank and fun purposes. if you are facing any issue regarding the content posted on this blog/website, you can reach us directly on and we will solve your issue.


We do not collect any users data including not saving of any cookie in user’s browser. we do collect data related to the traffic in google analytics which is strictly follow all the standards.

Comment section:

We do not save or use any data posted by users in comment section including personal number or email id. we do not encourage people to post any sensitive data which can be misused in any way. again, after this, if user posts any data related to him/her which cause any personal issue, we are clearly not into fault and we do not take any responsibility of that.  do not comment things you do not want to disclose publicly.